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August 24, 2017

Emerges unsummoned
From the subconscious
Takes up residence
Down low
In the stomach
Nothing else matters

A simple question,
“What’s wrong?”
Brings a flood of tears
Washing away
Much of the ache
Leaving behind
Deep sorrow
Confusion, longing

©2017 Thomas W. Cummins


On this winter’s night

January 14, 2017

Tuft by tuft
Pulled by the cold night air
Like feathers, heat leaves our bedroom
On this winter’s night

Reaching down
A second blanket is found
Pulled up around the neck
Warmth enfolds, sleep returns

© 2017 Thomas W. Cummins

Morning Shadows

May 21, 2015


This morning as I came down the stairs, the rising sun was casting shadows on the wall and closet door after passing through the lace curtain, past the dracaena marginata, and the stair rail. Leaves from outdoors were dancing amidst the lacy and muted pattern.

A Rosey Hue

November 10, 2014
Outside the window
Just beyond the Amana clock
Stands a Japanese maple
Its fall array of colors
Brilliant in the early afternoon sun
Filling the corner of the family room
With reflected light
Touching everything
A rosey hue
Never to be reproduced
By our meager palette
© 2014 Thomas W. Cummins

A Cabin Breakfast

July 27, 2014


Throwing a pattern
A window-paned pattern
For sixty years
The sun has been invited in
By the yellow Cosco table
Brightening a cabin breakfast

© 2014 Thomas W. Cummins


Running Out of Time

August 1, 2013


To run out of time
There’s not enough time
At a certain age
After much has been done
Little is left
Nothing awaits
Expectations met
Something is missing
Snatched away,
But to regain
That being denied
To reclaim, to undo
To heal
Takes time
There’s not enough time
I’m afraid
At a certain age

© 2013 Thomas W. Cummins