Shoes On The Radiator

I can still smell the snowmelt

After all these years

A childhood beckons, tugs

My memory opens and embraces

Soggy grass

Puddles in the street

Wet shoes

Stuffed with newspaper

Atop the radiator by the backdoor

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3 Responses to “Shoes On The Radiator”

  1. maskednative Says:

    Wonderful childhood memories of wet snow, delivered with the tactile selection of soggy grass and puddles, and then the wet shoes, stuffed with newspaper, but the last line brings it all back home. Really lovely Tom.

  2. Tom Says:

    Thank you, Teri.

    I often worry about these impulse notions that fly by much too quickly only to be grabbed by the ankle and put on paper. More emotion than rigor. But, nevertheless.

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