Morning Shadows


This morning as I came down the stairs, the rising sun was casting shadows on the wall and closet door after passing through the lace curtain, past the dracaena marginata, and the stair rail. Leaves from outdoors were dancing amidst the lacy and muted pattern.

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4 Responses to “Morning Shadows”

  1. maskednative Says:

    Beautiful Tom, I really like this, your morning, telling it like it is, the best writing.

    • Tom Says:

      Thank you, Teri. It isn’t very often that my rush to nowhere in particular is stopped dead in its tracks.

  2. MicheleMariePoetry Says:

    God/Nature is such an artist. I believe that God stands back and ponders, “Will they guess that it was me?” who created such loveliness for each unique moment and place…and each individual person..

    • Tom Says:

      I can’t help but wonder how many such moments I miss all day, everyday. It is certainly worth pausing and looking about, feeling the surrounding grace.

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