Dancing On the Ceiling

Passing through leaves, sunlight

Sending breezy Japanese maple leaf shadows

Bouncing off a small, round glass table

Forming a bright circle

Dancing on the ceiling

Blessing the moment with Ps 46:10

Knowing All Will Be Well

© 2022 Thomas W. Cummins

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3 Responses to “Dancing On the Ceiling”

  1. maskednative.com Says:

    Those are wonderful images Tom. Truly a blessing for you, bringing the peace and beauty of God in Nature. Psalm 46:10 resonates with me every time. Thank you for sharing.

    • Tom Says:

      I find that often hidden layer of “now” to be filled with unexpected emotion. Intrusions beyond thought announcing the presence of that which is beyond words yet saying, Hey!, I am here too.

  2. maskednative.com Says:

    ‘Hey! I am here too – lovely, You made me smile with that Tom, likely that God was smiling too

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