Nothing that a little neglect can’t cure

A peaceful Sunday, Mother’s Day, afternoon. The Cardinals are on TV and are winning at this moment. The resident mother is enjoying an afternoon nap.

Earlier today, our outdoor sprinklers and timers were set up. All is ready now for some fresh plantings, clawing, mulching.

I don’t know where the moles went. They could be in sleeper mode with an insurgent push scheduled for when I’m distracted with other activities.

A trip to the roof yesterday enabled the completion of a short “to-do” list: checked and tightened antenna cable connections; blew leaves, seeds and other debris out of every nook and cranny … especially the crannies ; cleaned gutter screens, and polished up the skylight. Only one plugged downspout. Now the rains can come once more.

The yard is looking pretty good, but nothing that a little neglect can’t cure.


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