Isn’t that right Wall Street?

Today IS a better day. Open windows, a cleaned off patio. The first semblance of feeling normal since April 25. My partner is still not feeling well, however.

The situation in Greece is not good. Their debt structure and inability to create enough of a revenue/spending gap makes their recovery look like a very long-term exercise. Default, I assume, remains a real possibility with their having little capacity to repay lenders over the long haul. Even keeping up with interest charges will be tough.

I can’t blame the Greek populace for being upset. Much of what is happening to them on an individual basis resembles what happens here: The party is over, the shiny limousines have pulled away from the curb with their tipsy and self-satisfied cargo, and the check has been handed to those busing the dishes and sweeping the floor. Whether Greece’s socio-economic policy has been healthy and realistic over the years is beside the point. The little guys shouldn’t have to foot the bill. Isn’t that right Wall Street?

The British elections are today. The Diane Rehm Show this morning had an excellent panel to discuss some of the dynamics. One thing of note was the main distinction between their conservatives and our Republican party. They don’t have a religious right so the conservatives are able to be more responsive to the signs of the times and diverse constituencies … I guess, rather than being stuck in the Old Testament. The panel also noted that the disaffected conservatives in Britain have a leader whereas the Tea Party movement has no leader, (nor sees any need for a message rooted in reality, I say).

It will be fun to see what happens.

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