Most of all, I am grateful


In his book, The Holy Longing, Ronald Rolheiser speaks of “mellowness of heart and spirit.” Gratitude. Following today’s morning run, and most of my morning runs, a sense of gratefulness  is most apparent.

Thirty years ago this March, I thought I’d try getting some exercise. That first run on a cold Iowa afternoon is not easily forgotten. A few days earlier, I had measured off a mile on the streets of our neighborhood. That seemed a reasonable first try. It seems short now. But as I stepped out the door in my new Adidas “Country” shoes, I was apprehensive. The last time I ran a mile was during gym class in high school, some twenty years earlier. Throwing up after two laps around the track was the dominant memory.

I returned from that first run not too happy. My vision was pink. I was gasping for breath. The whole experience  didn’t look good. But thirty years later, I am most grateful for the decision then, and my being able to continue now. As I look back, it has really been life-changing for me.

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