Why the idleness?

When there is so much to do

We let it happen

 Inner City 6/24/95

Not a good way to begin the day. Arriving at the old city workhouse at 8:30 a.m. and prior to a scheduled prayer service, the front desk had no information on our use of the chapel area. Another group was there to use the chapel, but the paperwork  for 2008 religious services was not in order. So, they went in and I went home.

While these mix-ups aren’t unusual, they are very, very frustrating. I’m not one for immediately being grateful and understanding … although that eventually is my state of mind.

The detention facility is overflowing with young men facing uncertain futures. Prayer services are usually filled with passion and emotion. Being in a pre-trial environment is quite unsettling for most of those in residence. Some are serving their short sentence there, but most are waiting to either go home or go to trial.

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