Or is it already too late?

When my aunt and godmother reached the 100 year mark in late November, there was no way we could miss the party in San Francisco. Weather was perfect! Everyone behaved! Hurt feelings were none or few.

What a milestone, indeed. It makes me hope for good health if I reach those lofty numbers. My paternal grandmother reached 98, maternal grandmother – 96, my two surviving aunts (one on each side) are 90 and 100. The genes are there … now if my mind stays intact. Or is it already too late?

Both of my aunts are on the west coast. A quick drive up to Fort Bragg gave us the opportunity to see the younger aunt too. Our stay in nearby Mendocino was delightful. B&Bs aren’t a normal part of our travel scheme, but this time we hit the jackpot. The Headlands Inn was a treat of treats. Each morning breakfast was brought to our room. Each evening our crackling fire was filling the small upper room with flickering and restful warmth.

Breakfast the last morning

Breakfast the last morning 

 We stopped in to visit … for one last time? … the new 100 year-old on the way to the airport motel to rest for the next day’s flight out. As we approached the Golden Gate Bridge, we turned on our Magellan Crossover GPS and “Maggie” guided us through the maze of hills and valleys. Before we ever left home for California, everyone’s address was entered into the navigator. Really paid off and minimized frustration to a new low compared to  our previous strange city adventures.

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