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I Saw Her Coming

June 29, 2013



About one block
Into my morning run
My moment of solitude
Listening to birds
Feeling the rain
Leftover rain
Last night’s rain
Peering over
Leaves’ edges
Before completing
Their journey
Plunging to the pavement
I saw her coming
A half block away
Do you ever feel like
Not talking?
I mean really
Not talking?
Maybe I could
Commence my running
Pick up my pace
Smile and wave
Hurry on by
I stopped
In the sun
I stopped
In the burning-through-
Hot sun
I stopped
We talked
And we talked
We talked
About her son
Normally with her
A man with a disability
He is her constant companion
When he is in daycare
A respite
For her
A break
For her
Relief from his 35 years
For her
So she walks
And she talks
If one stops
For her

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins

Running Past The Funeral Home

June 22, 2013


It sits there
Facing the rising sun
Not a speck of dirt
Nothing but the shine
Of a pampered black car
It’s alone
At the head
Of a procession
Yet to be
From all over town
But for now
No one
The lot is empty
The funeral home
Has no visitors
To come see
And grieve
And mourn
And, often, celebrate
Lies alone
In the chapel
This hot
June day

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins

Runner’s Comfort

January 10, 2013


Rays warm
My bare legs …

Go out early; beat the heat

July 2, 2012


—  ∞

As I move, the trees
Filter the sun’s vain attempt
At spoiling my run

 © 2012 Thomas W. Cummins

Morning Run

May 2, 2012

Footfalls barely heard
Moving among shadows which
Vanish in the sun

 © 2012 Thomas W. Cummins

With gratitude

August 25, 2011

Back when I began running 33 years ago I would have questioned the sanity of anyone who told me I’d still be running now. Anyway, I am and with gratitude.

My latest pre-run routine consists of this: at 5:20 a.m. I have a banana washed down with a glass of chocolate milk containing two heaping spoonfuls of pinole. At 7:30 I head out the door. If this little snack  isn’t doing wonders for how I feel, then I have a terrific imagination. Endurance is better; times are better. I feel great!

I figure it is either the meal contents themselves or the omission of my usual large bowl of cereal with a banana on top. Whichever it is, things are going well during my fitness runs.