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And so it goes

September 7, 2008

Our local repertory theater has the privilege of being the first theater outside of New York to present the play Frost/Nixon. A dramatization of the interviews of President Nixon by David Frost in 1977, the work is very well done. I did come away a little disturbed at the apparent need for the American people to hear contrition from an already broken and disgraced man. And, of course, David Frost rocketed to ever-higher stardom following those interviews. Nevertheless, the play is good and I recommend it if it should come to a theater near you.

This morning I caught a little of Meet the Press and Brokaw’s interview of Senator Joe Biden. The other parties in the post-convention race have been invited as well. And so it goes.

Takes much of the fun out of it

January 31, 2008

Today we are in for some snow. 11:00 a.m. was the projected starting time, and things were right on schedule. The weather service is forecasting 8-10″ so I dashed out to get my exercise early, and was it ever cold. East wind, 28 degrees, but penetrating right through the Gore-tex, or so it seemed. 

On the other hand, being snowed in on Super Bowl weekend isn’t all bad.

◊   ◊   ◊   ◊

An entry from earlier in the week:

Monday, January 28: The “bare ruin’d choirs” were sure being tossed about this morning. Running in the wind has never agreed with me. I have enough trouble resisting the backward pull of my reading chair and a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a good run, and I am grateful. 

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The other evening our long-lived group of four couples – friends for 43 years – went out to eat following the play, “Tuesdays with Morrie” at the Repertory Theater of Saint Louis. We hadn’t been to Zinnia for dinner in years, always fun and delicious food. As we sipped a Cabernet from the Russian River Valley, the conversation turned to receiving shipments of wine from wine clubs joined by some during west coast vineyard tours.

It isn’t our style to join such a thing as a wine club, but we did order a case of very good red table wine  from a vineyard we visited in the Anderson Valley southeast of Mendocino. Why not? Per bottle, including shipping, it was the same or less than going to the local wine shop. So, we thought we’d give it a try.

Never having received wine by UPS, we wondered about the condition upon arrival to our doorstep. I was impressed with the packaging ingenuity to assure an intact delivery. It was much preferred to receiving a box with a  wet, reddish bottom.

Now that the thrill of receiving our own special wine shipment from the west coast has worn off,  I am waiting to set the empty box out on the curb. It’s too large to keep the bottles in, our basement is crowded enough. Picturing this thing in a landfill – along with untold hundreds just like it — has me wondering if we will do this again.

Compared to going to the local wine shop and buying an assorted case, the carbon footprint is quite large. The wine shop’s boxes are totally recyclable without 500-year life  plastic packing materials. Somehow, all this has managed to take much of the fun out of it. My whims shouldn’t have such an environmental impact.


What a waste!