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Hopeful Anticipation

June 14, 2015

An indifferent lake early
Monochrome gray
Offering no invitation
To look closer
Ride upon

Yet filled
With possibilities
Latent beauty
Much to be revealed
Sparkling blueness
Drawing laughter
From children playing
Those fishing
Waiting in hopeful

Copyright 2015 Thomas W. Cummins

Only silence, stillness, a pause in the dawn

June 11, 2015

Morning view at the lake. Only there for a moment, and seen by no one else.


Nowhere To Be Found

July 24, 2013

A sleepy afternoon in the north woods. If my muse came along, she is nowhere to be found. But I shall make the best of it and settle down with Team of Rivals.



May 2, 2009

We have a lovely neighbor next door,

Whose landscaper creates quite a roar.

With a chorus of mowers and those god-awful blowers,

I want to cry out, “Nevermore!!”