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Powell Hall

March 29, 2019

We’ve been going there since the late 60s
Red plush seats
Ivory-colored walls
Ornate with sculpted shapes
Faces and vases
Gold-leaf highlights

As the hour approaches
Far below
On the stage
Move into sections
Concert Master appears
An A is sounded

Tuning begins
Then silence
Audience awaits
Tuxedoed conductor emerges
Taking the podium
Cues the orchestra
Magic and wonder fill the room

I often feel
On those evenings
Nothing else exists
Hurtling through the universe
Alone in this space
Unique in its own timelessness
Creations of those long departed
Made present

©2019 Thomas W. Cummins


Only silence, stillness, a pause in the dawn

June 11, 2015

Morning view at the lake. Only there for a moment, and seen by no one else.



May 2, 2009

We have a lovely neighbor next door,

Whose landscaper creates quite a roar.

With a chorus of mowers and those god-awful blowers,

I want to cry out, “Nevermore!!”