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Powell Hall

March 29, 2019

We’ve been going there since the late 60s
Red plush seats
Ivory-colored walls
Ornate with sculpted shapes
Faces and vases
Gold-leaf highlights

As the hour approaches
Far below
On the stage
Move into sections
Concert Master appears
An A is sounded

Tuning begins
Then silence
Audience awaits
Tuxedoed conductor emerges
Taking the podium
Cues the orchestra
Magic and wonder fill the room

I often feel
On those evenings
Nothing else exists
Hurtling through the universe
Alone in this space
Unique in its own timelessness
Creations of those long departed
Made present

©2019 Thomas W. Cummins


Beyond what one would expect

March 23, 2009

Mozart’s Mass in C minor plays on a Sony Walkman CD unit hooked to a couple of miniature battery-powered speakers near my weight machine in a corner of our basement. My workout time goes quickly and much more peacefully than when the news is on.

Yesterday was the recognition Mass and brunch for volunteers in the Criminal Justice Ministry of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Testimonies given by three offenders, now returned to society, were beyond what one would expect and should remove any doubt as to the importance of our work in this ministry. Each year this event is a highlight for me and my wife.