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A good find on that morning run

May 12, 2009

Near the end of my running route, I come down a long hill with somewhat of a dip at the bottom. Anything loose on a construction vehicle heading up hill has a good chance of being bounced off. Over the years I have found an assortment of metal objects. Quite a pile had I ever thought to save them.

The jackpot was a few years ago when I found a 12-inch adjustable wrench. Nicely chromed, it has been hanging from a nail in the garage ever since. Until this morning, that is.

When the shower flow abruptly slowed in the guest bathroom, I had to dig out the brochure to see how to take the control valve apart so I could look for the culprit. What was needed was a large adjustable wrench to hold the outer body while the internals were unscrewed and removed. I cleaned and back flushed the filters. Back in business. No service call fee; no hourly plumber charge.

A good find on that morning run. It has occurred to me, however, that the police could have been summoned to check out the old man running down the street with that large wrench. But I am glad that I picked it up and brought it home.