Running Past The Funeral Home


It sits there
Facing the rising sun
Not a speck of dirt
Nothing but the shine
Of a pampered black car
It’s alone
At the head
Of a procession
Yet to be
From all over town
But for now
No one
The lot is empty
The funeral home
Has no visitors
To come see
And grieve
And mourn
And, often, celebrate
Lies alone
In the chapel
This hot
June day

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins

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5 Responses to “Running Past The Funeral Home”

  1. Robyn Lee Says:

    Tom – this was pretty amazing to read. Could see (and feel) the scene you describe with clarity – chills ! Excellent work dear friend ~ x RL

    • Tom Says:

      Thank you, Robyn. What always comes to mind as I run by the funeral parlor’s front door is that there is a file in their office with my name on it. “Keep running!” I tell myself. “Make ’em wait.”

  2. kalabalu Says:

    Everyone got dressed up in black
    some wept profusely, others touched their eyes
    the dead lies peaceful in sleep it seems
    where will he end up ? can anyone feel
    heaven or hell, can anyone tell
    am riding , digging and carrying it well
    coffin gets lowered, cracking noise die
    someone told me, never to climb high
    for the dead is listening, speaking too they say
    but our reception is not in tune, what a dismay

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