Aspects of Loneliness, No. 2

A lonely feeling
I don’t really miss anyone in particular
At least not at the level of awareness
Maybe there doesn’t need to be a personification of loneliness

There could just be a hole in my heart,
One that no longer aches
But has yet to begin to heal.
A grieving that is ever-present

A grieving for what?
A long hoped-for relationship?
Something from long ago that is unresolved?
Out of reach, inaccessible, unidentifiable,
Yet so real?

There is one I will miss
That will bring a deep loneliness 
A long marriage brings forth another presence
One beyond and outside either one of us
Yet in us together

©2022 Thomas W. Cummins

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2 Responses to “Aspects of Loneliness, No. 2”

  1. hrly2000 Says:

    Pretty deep…it must be difficult to find words for what is in your head and heart. 

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  2. Says:

    I have no words to fill the hole in your heart, only my heart of understanding and hope for your healing sacrament.

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