Northern Lake: A Chorus of Color in Four Movements

I felt a need to re-visit this post from a few years ago. There is a magic about early morning at a lake in the north woods of Minnesota. Beyond words, actually, but one can try.

In a dim light...

— — —

Pink cloud band’s
Purple tone
Borne on liquid
Golden streak announcing
Sun rising
Clouds gathering
Sun dissolving
Then, faint
Faint gray
Faint gray waves
Emerging – a pulse
Now, pale
Yellowish-pink hues
Lake silver-blue
Nearly glass

 © 2012 Thomas W. Cummins

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4 Responses to “Northern Lake: A Chorus of Color in Four Movements”

  1. maskednative Says:

    As you say Tom, the magic of early morning belies description, but your testimony, observing and recording the gradual change of colour and movement, to see, to be aware of, to give of yourself to the mystery, is enough, I understand.

  2. Nomzi Kumalo Says:

    Pleased to meet you. 🙂

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