A significant emotional event

Reprogramming the body, mind, and spirit doesn’t seem to take very long. A significant emotional event such as our family’s heart episode two weeks ago will usually do it.

This morning in church, a woman two pews in front of me began having difficulty of some kind. I couldn’t tell if she was dizzy, short of breath, having chest or abdominal pains. A few parishioners began tending to her. I assumed they were doctors and/or nurses.

Before long she was stretched out on the pew; sirens could be heard outside; a police woman followed by two EMTs came down the aisle.  Our pastor came to anoint her.

By the time she was taken away, my entire upper body was drenched in perspiration. All I did was observe, but the impact on me physically and emotionally was pretty intense. I do hope she is OK, and that she found the help she needed.

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