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Oh well, it’s almost over

May 23, 2008

Next February is the long-awaited conversion to HD and digital TV. Today, I cashed in my two $40 government issued coupons toward the purchase of two digital/analog converters. I’m already suspicious. When does the government mandate something and then help us pay for it? Is somebody’s brother-in-law making these things? Whatever.

Being an antenna “holdout” is an experience. I expect, however, to see a cable bill for gasoline tradeoff anytime now. Our neighborhood still has a practice of antennae hooked to chimneys … which is a good thing. In our case, we don’t have much of an attic to do any maneuvering. It is difficult enough to get a proper signal for all the channels as it is even when you can see what you’re doing. Small blessing.

On another subject. Each time I see a W04 sticker on the back window of an automobile, I can’t resist trying to get a peek at the driver. A 2000 campaign sticker I can understand, but one for the 2004 election? Perhaps there are localized news blackouts or some simply don’t listen to the radio or watch TV much, or have any expectations as Americans in the world. Or maybe it’s back to that yellow dog on a ticket type of thing. I know the ticket won, but the temptation to examine each perpetrator is strong indeed. Oh well, it’s almost over.