I’ve never been me before

With the early morning fog
All was white-gray
Seeing nothing for more than 100 yards
Islands were not to be seen
Nor the far shore

Well, not quite
Soft, gentle movement heard
Water caressing the rock-strewn

I was thinking, for me,
This is a new experience
And certainly so
On this day, in this place
At this age

Who I am today is new
What I experience today is new
All I see and all I hear, new
The me of now
Has never existed before

I’ve never been this me before
I should be in awe of everything
Tired of nothing
Open to the grace
Of all things

©2018 Thomas W. Cummins

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5 Responses to “I’ve never been me before”

  1. MicheleMariePoetry Says:

    I read once that every day is the creation day, not just the ‘big bang’ moment– and each day the world we are a new creation, God is every busy on us, creation happens every moment- Your poem is the first I’ve read that reflects this notion- thankyou.

    • Tom Says:

      Thank you! Standing on the shore that morning left me in that “beyond words” space. Really amazing.

      Your words in reply are gaining much meaning as I move through these quickly evaporating decades.

  2. maskednative Says:

    Your poem expresses the awareness of ones ‘Being’ with sublime simplicity Tom.
    “I’ve never been this me before” and “Open to the Grace of all things” – in that stillness, we are one with God. Moments like this are precious.

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