Dead From Cancer

He was difficult

A challenge

Not very enjoyable to visit

Extreme ideology

A Christian Identity adherent

Vocal, preachy


But I hung in there

He enjoyed the company

Confined to his room



In the prison infirmary

©2019 Thomas W. Cummins

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5 Responses to “Dead From Cancer”

  1. Diane Krueger Says:

    What a sad ending. You are an angel for the work you do. Love you

    All is as it should be.

    Diane Kreuger


  2. maskednative Says:

    What is it that makes one ‘hang in there,’ even while not having an enjoyable experience?
    An unselfish soul has no choice but to give itself in service to others, and those on the receiving end are fortunate, to be in your presence.

  3. maskednative Says:

    Oops, spelling error- it should say Heaven will be smiling on you, but then so am I.

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