A Patch of Light

A Patch of Light
A work day
Arkansas, hot, humid
That office building, quiet
Each World War II era corner, quiet
An advance of towering pines, halted
By a peaceful expanse of lawn
Many beyond naming had sat in my office
In the late 70s one day
Just me
Discouraged, unhappy about something
Or frustrated
My eye caught
What was it?
By the desk … a movement on the floor
A square of light, sunlight
Leaf shadows danced
In an unheard breeze
That patch of light filled, alive
A surplus of meaning
Its little space filled, my heart filled
With listening!
Something was being announced
There was beyond my work,
Beyond that moment,
Beyond my attitude, grace
Grace telling me
Julian of Norwich reminding me
‘All will be well’
© 2012 Thomas W. Cummins

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