A Gateway Lullaby

A Gateway Lullaby
Sometimes it is barely audible
But it is always there
A distant hum, a hum with a pulse
As it pulls itself out of the Meramec River valley
Every night as I lie down
I can hear its beat
Year-round the sound is there
It’s there for a long, long time
Not just passing by … lingering
Being lulled to sleep by diesels
Sudden memories of years ago
My aunt’s house in St. Paul
A train yard nearby
Switch engines shunting about
Occasionally a lonely leonine roar from Como Zoo
Drifting in on coal-scented breezes
Transportation on both sides of the family
Maternal trains, paternal planes
Sounds from iron horses
Steady, peaceful
Roars from steel birds
Fleeting and frantic
One old and romantic
The other exciting, exotic
But for now
Steel rails
Crisscrossing this Gateway to the West
Carry in the darkness
A lullaby
© 2012 Thomas W. Cummins

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