We’ve gained a fully functional room

A 60s vintage quad-level house is a lot of fun to live in. Good noise separation. Constant exercise since where you wish to go is seldom on the same floor you may find yourself.

Heat control is interesting with the thermostat on the bedroom (upper) level. A setting of 71 degrees assures that the family room … where the TV is … will run about 61 degrees. There is a fireplace, but I grew tired of the wood mess and lack of freedom to come and go several years ago.

Enter gas logs. We enjoyed them for 15 years. Taking the chill off was nice, but if the temperature rose more than two or three degrees, it was a miracle.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a sealed gas insert installed. What a difference! On the high setting, the room must be evacuated after a half hour or so. But the low setting is a sheer delight. Technology gives good efficiency. No cold outside air is dragged through the house while losing all the heat up the chimney as with conventional fireplaces. The remote has a timer which I use regularly. With my memory there is no sense coming down the following morning to a blazing fire enjoyed by no one. As I write this, my toes are toasty, and we’ve gained a fully functional room … after 24 years.

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