Just enough snow

Just enough snow to brighten the outside while giving an added measure of warmth to the inside. A little freezing rain plus occasional snow totaling 3-5″ is what we’re getting … not such a big problem, but sufficient to keep me from heading south to the prison tomorrow.

Walking in the snow for a few miles got the day off to a great start. Memories of backpacking in Idaho and Colorado were summoned forth as I put on my mountain parka and boots.

We have a half-hearted slope to our backyard, and the neighbor kids are enjoying their school snow day by assaulting the hill with snow boards and saucers. They are always welcome, especially the one who will bring us our Girl Scout Cookie order in a few weeks.

The basement wine rack is staying where I mounted it. Anchoring 2 to 3 hundred pounds to a concrete wall is not my strong suit, and I’ve only filled a third of the cavaties with wine bottles. Not to worry, though. My wife pointed out that the floor drain is only a few feet away. What is she implying?


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