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A withering stigma

November 14, 2011

Comparisons of the sex abuse scandal at Penn State to those within the Catholic church are being made easily and without hesitation.

An examination of how things have been handled, however, yields little in common.  The cover-ups and disregard for the consequences of such indifference by the Vatican and involved dioceses are inexcusable. Such inactions and obliviousness have, in my opinion,  rendered the hierarchy  voiceless for some time to come on nearly any pronouncement or directive they bring forward,  especially any regarding pelvic issues – their ever-present, uninformed fixation.

Penn State’s Board of Trustees cleaned house. Perhaps if a few red hats or mitres were sent home to live with relatives … years ago … things could have been different, fewer young children would have been irreparably harmed, our faithful and effective priests would not be living and ministering under a withering stigma.