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Trying to Connect

February 10, 2014


Where do they go
When they are gone?
That place
That gives them space
No compass pointing
No path suggesting
Stars to guide – growing dim
Silence, emptiness, yet filled – with loss
I call out lovingly
Listen hopefully
No appeal goes forth
No response returns
For it is only my heart
Trying to connect
Forgetting, actually,

© 2014 Thomas W. Cummins

An opportunity to become a new creation

September 2, 2013

We went to a 50th anniversary party last evening, and I couldn’t help but reflect – especially since our own is less than a year away.

50th anniversaries have always seemed to be a big deal. In the not too distant past, one of the two seldom lived long enough for the couple to complete 50 years. Certainly a cause for celebration when that milestone was reached.

More recently, it seems as though many don’t stay together long enough to achieve such a mark. The  Golden Anniversary has become more elusive.

But to me it’s not so much that we stay together, but rather who we have become during those 50 years. I would suggest that each party in the couple is a unique product of that long relationship, a manifestation of their own individuality being in a loving relationship with the other.

Sure each could have gone on and done many good things and enjoyed personal growth whether in relationship with another or not. But what we experience in any given couple honoring that big event is a unique product. A different product. Perhaps a better product both at the individual level and as a couple.

That is the benefit of a committed, long-lasting marriage. An opportunity to become a new creation.

A Train Slowly Passing

June 1, 2013


“Since 1941”
Proclaims the logo
On the paper cup
Torké Coffee Roasting Company
I sip the coffee
A train lumbering by
Filled with grain
A mournful early-morning whistle
Announced earlier
1941: my natal year
But now
A train slowly passing
Evokes a childhood memory
My maternal grandfather
A locomotive engineer
Time collapses
Looking out the window
Many years
Overflowing with joyful memories
Others (few, but too many)
Tinged with sadness
What brings
This reflection
This day
In front of this window?
A convergence – “Since 1941” and …
A train slowly passing

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins

The Breath of Time

May 30, 2013


Breathing in
Breathing out
We enter the world
Being loved
We exit being loving
A rhythm
A pulse
Time ticking
Minutes and hours
Days and years
Breathing in
Breathing out

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins