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June 26, 2012


In the still night

Holding stable

Atop white sandy dunes

I lift my head in prayer.

Hearing the moon’s call, I

Submit to the pleas of my own

Desperate breath.


A warm salt breeze

Strokes my forehead

Gently urging my eyelids to close;

And quietly, I slip away from


What is real

What is earthly

What is pain.


Swiftly transported through

Space and time;

Lifted lovingly onto the wings of

Incandescent stars,

I transcend.


Spinning fervently

Whirling and turning, round and round

like a Dervish;

Finally, I penetrate a solid

Wall of mirrored glass and,

I am welcomed.


Without thought

Without words

Without pain,

I enter.



Where my body

Is weightless and free;

And movement, effortless.



Without bondage

Without boundary

Without pain.



Where My dreams

Dance freely,

Held in the safe embrace of

 Blissful crystal waters;



Where my heart…

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Standing there long enough …

March 11, 2012

At dawn on this daylight savings Sunday morning, it was so quiet outside. I came around the corner of the garage and headed down the driveway. Both papers were already there, of course, since I got up at least an hour later than usual following an evening of bridge.

As I approached the street, something drew my eyes upward away from my objective, my only objective, of retrieving the New York Times and the Post-Dispatch. The sky was incredible: a  gold orange-ish pink accented with brilliant, sharp horizontal slashes of light, the sun wanting to emerge from the bright yellow spot stuck behind a tree across the street. I found myself just standing there.

Standing there long enough, mentally released from my task, the calls of early morning birds  spoke softly yet failed to disturb the stillness.

Standing there long enough, my eye caught  movement in a rosy-grey layer of clouds, a fog too high to interfere with the sunrise event.

Standing there long enough, my skin announced a slight, cool breeze. Announced because I had been ignoring the gentle caress until I allowed myself a moment of solitude.

What drew my eyes upward? Why did I decide to stand at the end of the drive? Seeing, hearing, feeling. Is there something which all too infrequently says, “Hey, stop and be still.” Or is it not infrequent? Is that call always there?

Mr. Rusty

July 6, 2011

A friend in Wales has a bust he calls Mr. Rusty in his backyard. So, I’m including this photo from the Saint Louis Art Museum magazine:

Head of a Gaul, Francois Rude (1784-1855)

Head of a Gaul by Francois Rude (1784-1855)

I wonder …

February 19, 2011

I wonder if most of those who pay the top marginal income tax rate, 35%, were to have it raised back to 39.6%, would  even notice … if their tax accountant didn’t tell them. The folks don’t need the money, and the shortfall will be picked up by those who do.

I wonder how our Roman Catholic dioceses would be led  if there wasn’t a “red hat” to aim for? Or even an archbishop title? Or if there was no bishop at all? Couldn’t there be a rotational administrator for, say, a six-year term? Elected by fellow priests of the diocese? Or does it even need to be a priest? I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest there would be a more pastoral presence and less abusive, thoughtless, and unchristian displays of power … as in Phoenix, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis over the past several years.

I wonder why waterboarding (no segue intended) is referred to as “simulated” drowning. The person is actually drowning. A more accurate description would be: a drowning interrupted. Torture? Without a doubt. But regrettably prohibited by “quaint” international conventions, or so we were told Messrs. Chaney and Yoo. Care to try it gentlemen?

I wonder why the snowplow waits to come by until after I’ve cleared the end of the driveway?

I wonder why so many recent memoirs from the world of politics are listed under nonfiction? They do, however, provide good raw material for forensic historians. I saw one of the authors interviewed on television. He still has no idea what the hell happened under his watch!

I wonder why some gas station owners raise the price immediately … with underground tanks full of cheaper gasoline, but lower the price slowly until the storage tanks are pretty much depleted of more expensive gas?

I wonder why one needs to speak up to avoid being seated by the restrooms in a nearly empty restaurant? And with reservations no less?

I wonder why some people are so fearful of theocracies being established in other countries and yet seem to be doing everything they can to establish one here. If you want to see a horror show, live under a Christian theocracy … the history books are full of information if you are curious. “Kill the infidel” has been around for a long, long time under many guises. It all begins with orchestrating what our children read, or don’t read, in their textbooks, and what is taught, or not taught, in the schools. I’ll take a secular state, thank you.

I wonder why bloody, violent, psychopathic crimes will be displayed on TV as early as 8:00, Criminal Minds for example, but any steamy scenes (other than soaps while the kids are in school or playing outside) are on at 9:00 or later. Which can do more damage to our sensibilities?

What a pleasant surprise

December 25, 2010

What a pleasant surprise to find myself in the choir loft following a 32 year absence. Our choir director wanted to expand the usual 9:00 Mass choir to form a Festival Chorus for Christmas Eve Mass. A few practices and a single commitment,  something I can handle, and I signed up.

Back in Muscatine, Iowa, during the late 70s, St. Mathias Catholic Church was where I sang. The weekly practice suited me and gave me something outside the home other than going to the plant every day. The nights were often very cold and bleak as I drove to evening practice.

One of our pieces last evening was In the Bleak Mid Winter. Amen to that. But in this town, the fresh snow for the day was bright, it wasn’t too cold out, the roads were good, the parking lot was plowed, the church was filled.

Even considering we arrived at 8:50 p.m. and left at 11:30, it was a very nice way to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity. And the ad hoc group sang pretty well.

New driveway to begin

November 12, 2010

Finally beginning our driveway replacement. I should take a before and after picture, or a video.

Our contribution to the jobs situation!