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Lingering Grief

March 27, 2014


Water calm, still
Sky clear, cloudless
Briefly disturbing what lies there … then
Slowly recedes, slowly recedes
Water calm, still
Sky clear, cloudless

© 2014 Thomas W. Cummins

Just step back

March 21, 2014

Sometimes as the storm rages about us, it is necessary to step back … and wait … and content ourselves with just being a lightning rod. And to remember that the lightning rod isn’t causing the lightning, nor the lightning the storm.

So one waits for a pause, for a patch of clear sky to appear, a glimpse of the sun obscured for so long.

A half smile and a nod

January 30, 2014


If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?
And if I am only for myself, then what am I?
And if not now, when? – Hillel

Last evening, at the offender’s request, I was a ministerial witness to his execution. There were only two witnesses for him, and I was the only one who actually knew him. During the past 13 years, we had conversed countless times as I visited the prison where he lived. My role there is as an assistant chaplain.

From what I could tell, my eyes were the only ones he made contact with as he was lying on the gurney. He gave a half smile and a nod in response to my nod.

The above quote bubbled up as I reflect on this morning after.

A Meditation Remnant

August 18, 2013

Occasionally, in my daily readings, a phrase or quote catches my eye and lodges itself in my thoughts for many days.

“No matter what happens, be gentle with yourself.” – St. Jeanne de Chantal

Apophatic Morning Stillness

August 15, 2013


In the screen house
Under the trees
Overlooking the lake
An hour before sunrise
How does one describe
A stillness so complete
The tiniest leaf
In motionless silhouette
Against water
Tinged blue, pinkish-peach
Hopeful, tranquil
Stillness, but not silence
A loon’s plaintive call
Hum of car tires on a road
Hidden deep in the hills across the lake
Circular liquid remnant
Far from shore
Unnoticed, unheard
Fish breaking the surface
Time to go into the cabin
Grateful, blessed, a gift

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins

Momentary Dejection

June 25, 2013


A fly buzzes
Hitting the screen
Wanting in
Wanting out
In hot, damp air
A ceiling fan
Spots of moisture
Here and there
On floor, on table
Sweat, tears, or both
Silently, stupidly
A phone awaits
To unanswered calls
Birds singing
Beautiful flowers
On the horizon
A cloud
A single cloud
Coming or going
Bleakness, dejection
But recognized
A fly buzzes

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins