My mind wanders

Outside the window
Contours of the land
Among the trees
Made visible by the snow

On this quiet Saturday morning
An intrusion into my thoughts
Memories, longing, loneliness?
Perhaps all that

A longing to be alone
Something pulling, tugging
Toward solitude

How can this pull,
This longing to be alone,
Intrude on loneliness?

Is what is sought,
Present in an apparent

My mind wanders,
Daydreams …

Thoughts go to a small hill
In a prairie somewhere
Nothing visible but grasses
Distant trees
A breeze gently grabs at my clothing,
Washes over my face,
Rustles the grasses

I find myself on a trail
Deep in the woods
Sunlight flickering through
Leafless trees
Pale light
Winter light

A broad valley welcomes me
Soaring mountains, dark gray
Snow-covered peaks
Along the path, green
Intense green
Warmed by the rising sun

©2019 Thomas W. Cummins

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7 Responses to “My mind wanders”

  1. maskednative Says:

    A beautiful poem. Scenes of complete peacefulness run through this poem Tom. To be alone with such thoughts in surroundings that encourage a desire for solitude, is perhaps to be fully absorbed into the soul of nature, the soul that is tugging at you to remember your beginning, deep within the one thing.This is surely the treasure of true meditation.

  2. forgottenmeadows Says:

    beautiful imagery in a beautiful poem!

  3. Says:

    Love this poem of yours, made me long for solitude and nature and to walk on trails….sigh

    • Tom Says:

      Thank you! Your comment just might be what I didn’t know I was waiting for, a nudge to resume putting pen to paper.

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