Irreversible Change


I’m thinking about the story
A man and a woman
And an apple
Was that a tale of our beginning
Or of our end?


Down by the lake
On the shore
By the lake
Lies a pebble
One of millions, actually
By a glacier
Long, long ago
Where was it yesterday?
There or nearby?
Moved maybe
By a wind-blown wave
Or a passing boat’s wake
If it was moved
An irreversible change
To the entire universe
Took place
Tiny, but irreversible
What about us?
What are we doing?
How’s our piece,
Our allotted portion
Of the universe, doing?
Irreversible change
I’m thinking about sunlight
Stored sunlight, stored energy
As in an apple
As in coal, gas, oil
Why is the oil there?
The coal?
The gas?
Is it for us?
If so, to do what?
Are these tangible things,
These stored solar energies,
Here for our good?
Or are they the forbidden fruit
An apple … a poisoned apple
Perhaps that mythical tale
Two people and an apple
Is a story of our end, not of our beginning
A story about hubris and selfishness now
Rather than providing for those who follow
One bite or too many
An abdication of our stewardship?
Our misunderstanding of dominion?
A failure to faithfully respond?

© 2013 Thomas W. Cummins


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2 Responses to “Irreversible Change”

  1. Robyn Lee Says:

    Oh wow Tom – this was incredible to read… leaves me with so many questions – two people and an apple.. the test, and so many others since… and did we pass or fail? Will we ever know?

    Thank you for sharing such a profound thoughts put into wonderful verse this way… Much Love to you ~ Robyn

  2. maskednative Says:

    The irreversible change to the universe with the movement of a single pebble, wow, that is profound.
    Your writing reminds of the irreversible changes we make every day with – ‘Our misunderstanding of dominion’ – ‘A failure to faithfully respond.’ – This is a powerful piece of writing. Thank you Tom. I love to read your thoughts.

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