Ancient Feelings


O, waning crescent
Where are you heading?
The morning is clear, crisp
Dawn is breaking
You appear to be leaving
Won’t you stay to welcome the day?
In your fullness rising
You welcome our evenings
Your presence is everywhere
A sharp beam on a glassy lake
Silvery lamé on a wind-tossed sea
Hanging over a southbound river like a lantern
Climbing over a stadium wall during a game
Shining on an airplane’s wing
In your fullness
Your stay around all night
Making tree shadow patterns on the snow
Casting twig-laced squares on the bedroom floor
Flirting from behind the pines
As morning draws near
You startled me one night
In a canyon … in Utah
I was asleep
Under the stars
You suddenly peeked over the towering, sheer, red wall
Your desert brightness unrestrained. Remember?
But, for now, you are leaving
Each month you give us
A warm evening greeting
A chilly morning farewell
We know all about lunar cycles
But our ancient feelings prevail

 © 2013 Thomas W. Cummins

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8 Responses to “Ancient Feelings”

  1. Jnana Hodson Says:

    Lovely observations. You’ve been well rewarded for paying close attention.

  2. Robyn Lee Says:

    Stunning work Tom! There is something so enchanting, and timeless (ancient) about the moon ~ and you have captured the essence with your magical words! ~ Bravo! ~ much love and blessings, Robyn

    • Tom Says:

      Thank you Robyn. In a few weeks I’ll be back in the North Woods with the moon as a nearly constant companion. This earth-bound Leo enjoys the celestial objects … and the vast spaces between.

  3. Teri Flynn@maskednative Says:

    I like the feeling of personal relationship your poem gives between the moon and you, your words are very real.

  4. jalal michael sabbagh. Says:

    This poem is a beautiful picture .Thank you for liking my post ( The French revolution…..) My best regards.jalal

  5. Virgilio Gavia Says:

    beautiful poetry, Tom.

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