North Woods Reflections – post 1

During our time in the north woods, there were many opportunities to simply pause and reflect. I was able to note and capture a few.

Our arrival after a long winter of the lake home’s having sat dormant, all systems drained, electricity off, is always a little unwelcoming. A reminder that we are occasional guests in an environment which seems to prefer that we not come at all.

This haiku quartet comes from that first encounter of spring:


Haiku Quartet – Somber Post-winter Visit

No one has been here
Scattered twigs and limbs, long grass
Winter’s toll taken
Loneliness engulfs
The cabin down by the lake
Idle since last fall
Slow, persistent rain
Gentle breeze shakes heavy drops
From leaves overhead
Solitary loon
Indifferent, unaware
Fishes near the shore

 © 2012 Thomas W. Cummins

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One Response to “North Woods Reflections – post 1”

  1. Zellie M. Quinn Says:

    Love your outdoors poetry! Makes me feel like I’m there.

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