Let her keep talking

Just in case you missed seeing Sarah Palin’s address to the gathering of Tea Party Nation, it is worth watching.

Listening to her used to make me angry, more so when there was that foolishly created chance of her being anywhere near The White House. Now I say, let her keep talking. But I do still wonder if she has any idea what she is talking about, any idea of what has transpired over the past decade, a clue to the implications of her flip “advice.” The uninformed sure do love her.

I do agree with her, wholeheartedly, that we should “put our government back on the side of the people.” Perhaps she is unaware of why the last election turned out as it did, or what “on the side of the people” really means. She does give some indication, however, when she continues to refer to “real Americans,”  code for an endless list of reasons for denying access to opportunity for a lot of folks.

Lower taxes, war that was off-budget and unnecessary,  and the myth of less government to allow  unconstrained market forces during the Bush administration got us into this mess. The Tea Party movement and the party of “no” continue to forget those facts.

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