Odds and ends as I resume for the winter

The Palin book tour is fascinating. Can’t help but wonder if her supporters and apologists will continue to gleefully run all the red lights should she decide to run in 2012. Oh well, it’s not as though a Trojan horse candidate hasn’t worked before for the highest office in the land.


Trying to find some of my favorite foods without high fructose corn syrup. For the moment, my carbon footprint isn’t shrinking as I scurry about seeing who has what. Whole Foods came through today on yogurt that doesn’t taste dreadful.


Yesterday’s prison visit was beyond anything I expected. I’m trying to adjust my frequency so I don’t lose touch with the guys. Turnover in “solitary” can be brisk enough such that it is very easy to get out of phase. If I can see each wing once per month, there may be a chance to establish some credibility and trust. Visiting men ranging from 18 to 55, all races, all religions and denominations, sure keeps me on my toes.


Winding up a five-year stint as board chair for a sheltered workshop. The current economy doesn’t help an industry which depends other companies’ outsourcing of the kind of work our employees are capable of performing. Citizens with developmental disabilities don’t have too many options for meaningful employment within a stable workforce filled with good friends and steady, long-term employment. Companies will pull the work back inside to keep their own folks busy.

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