You’d think I’d learn

Every other year, our parish participates in building a house in St. Louis’ Habitat for Humanity program. Yesterday was the first day of the 2009 build which is to total 28 houses.

You’d think I’d learn since last time I also worked on Day One. When we arrived there was a bare platform perched on the foundation of House #13. The positions for all the pre-assembled interior and exterior wall sections were marked on the sub-floor.

A large inter-modal container sat in the street with all the wall sections inside. The house next to ours was just inside the door, ours were behind. Lots of pulling, lifting, and stacking before we could get to ours. Exterior 2 by 6  stud walls covered with oriented strand board sheathing are quite heavy. But with 12 or more people gathered around, the walls made it to their destinations.

It was cold and drizzling for much of the day. A buffet lunch was served about a block way, and we ate in the shelter of the now-empty container in front of our house.

By days-end, all the exterior walls were erected and nailed into place. All the interior walls were in place and tied together. The exterior was completely covered with foam sheathing. Roof trusses were to be set today.

We had a great time. My next scheduled day is June 20. I hope it’s not for painting!

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