What a peaceful place

Hilton Head was not on my “to do” list, but in-laws invited us down for a visit. The routine was simple: eat, find something to do, eat, find another thing to do, eat, repeat as necessary. I must admit we had a wonderful time.

A small island in a  lagoon was just across the golf course fairway bordering their villa’s patio.  In the evening,  the island’s trees would slowly fill with egrets, herons, anhingas. Several of the birds were carrying sticks, reeds, and anything else that appeared to be  useful for assembling a nest.

Lunch the first day was at The Crazy Crab at Jarvis Creek. A wonderful broiled sampler of fresh seafood was, after all, a reason for the 860 mile drive. Temperatures were perfect. Bugs were non-existent.

Harbour Town, South Beach Marina, and Sheltered Cove drew our attention on one busy day. Dinner at Little Venice on their outdoor patio in Sheltered Cove  was very pleasant . On the one chilly day we headed for Beaufort. A buggy tour hosted by a Percheron named Rocky, who delegated the speaking parts to a very knowledgeable young woman, was  a great way to experience the history of the old seaside town.

Very quickly after the tour we found ourselves sitting on the porch of Plums Restaurant for crab cake and shrimp salad sandwiches. We passed on dessert since the Chocolate Tree was a brief walk away. Strolling around the neighborhood took us to The Parish Church of St. Helena, an Episcopal Church founded in 1712. What a peaceful place surrounded by a historic cemetery.

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