Where is God in this?

Today, I sent the following letter to the National Catholic Reporter:

On July 11, The St. Louis Review posted a full page “Decree of Extra-judicial Adjudication in the matter of Sister Louise Lears, S.C.” A full page! I can only assume the pillory couldn’t be located in the undercroft of the Cathedral. How embarrassing for the Church and unbefitting of the role of shepherd. Where is God in this?

Does it ever occur to the hierarchy of the Roman Church that Jesus wasn’t using the Pharisees as a reference for someone else? He was always and everywhere cautioning against our own inclinations to put dogma and doctrine before people, to think that “being right” trumps being “loving.”  In this posting of the decree, it’s the legalism to the point of public humiliation and diminishment of a child of God that verges on being highly immoral.

When I look at the decree, I am sure the Jesus I have come to know and reside with is appalled! I invite all who can, to find the opportunity to meet and get to know Louise. Just being with her and working with her, as I have, is to know the life-giving power of God’s grace. And I can say the same for our former Archbishop Raymond Burke, a very humble and loving man. But something gets a little askew when one thinks that Canon Law and Jesus’ teachings are one and the same. Throughout history, the best of men have become overzealous and hurt members of the Body of Christ. The decree was enough; the posting was unkind.

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