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Aspects of Loneliness No. 6

February 14, 2023

Disappointing if not devastating.
But what do you do?
All my educational endeavors,
All that I have learned,
Focused on solving problems,
Addressing issues.

But that issue was a long time ago.
With in a day or two,
Decisions were made.
But only based on longings,
Longings from years before.
A desire to have more than just us.

If that desire is frustrated,
Alternatives can be found.
Adoption was an option.
Perhaps the only option.
The path chosen.

What is the meaning behind this?
Too quick of a reaction?
No time to come to terms with the dilemma.
No time taken for reflection, discernment.
Is there now a longing for that unrealized person?
That unknown and unknowable child?

I’ve never been aware of a grief.
Nevertheless it can be there.
Feeding a loneliness.